The Winning Profile process has already worked to improve the lives of many people, both personally and professionally. Here are just a few of Winning Profile’s many success stories.

"Thanks so much for these Winning Profiles for Gary and myself.  They are very interesting, accurate and helpful. Anything else I can do to help you and Clive promote the Winning Profile process….just shout!"

Paula Radcliffe, MBE
2005 World Championships marathon gold medalist; World record-holder for marathon; three-times winner of both London and New York marathons; Britain's leading long-distance runner of past decade.

"As a professional golf coach, my training is mainly in the discipline of golf. I am a coach, teacher and confidante to all of the golfers I have trained. In joining forces with Clive Woodward, I was introduced to Gary Russell and Winning Profile.
Using Winning Profile, I have learned a lot about myself, but where it has helped me most is with my latest client, Mel Reid. Both of us have taken the profile and it has helped us better understand each other. We have not only learned how we differ, but, probably more importantly, we learned we are perhaps too much alike! This was causing us to miss critical steps in her develop as an athlete, so I am thankful Winning Profile was able to expose this challenge, and explain what we can do to improve upon it.
The Winning Profile process has given us an inside view of ourselves, which has contributed greatly to a good coach/athlete relationship."

Lawrence Farmer
Professional Golf Coach