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Winning Individual identifies and measures those internal attributes within a person that relate to his performance and productivity. It is suitable for those who are being considered for a position on a team as well as for existing team members.

Winning Individual teaches ways to maximize individual performance and productivity, and helps to determine if an athlete is in the position that best matches his talent. It combines the benefits of three profiling instruments that merge to form the three areas of human behavior: thinking (cognitive development), feeling (emotional development), and doing (actions and movement known as kinesthetics).

The three profiling instruments used as part of Winning Individual are:

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By triangulating the results of these instruments, Dr. Russell and his team of analysts create an in-depth interpretative process, studying the meaning of each instrument from a deductive, evidentiary approach. Each participant’s findings are then interpreted in the context of their own unique performance environment, whether it is as a member of a team or an individual sport. The talent and role matching analysis ensures a successful link between an individual’s unique talents and strengths to a role that maximizes them to their fullest performance potential. This link will ultimately increase team and individual productivity.

Winning Individual Report

Once the triangulation of all three instruments of Winning Individual is completed, a far more accurate profile of an individual is drawn.  A Winning Individual Report is then produced by The Focus Group through detailed, individual analysis. The report provides an understanding of what the performance potential of an individual is and explains the best environment for that person to perform in.  It also overviews potential threats of a poorly matched environment.  The report’s results provide valuable information on the form and type of interaction that is likely to take place with this particular individual, and what effective forms of communication should be implemented.

The Winning Individual Report is emailed back to the individual (and also to whomever was previously agreed upon).  A meeting is then scheduled to review the results either face to face or by phone. The detailed report includes the following:

1.  Results of each of the three linear instruments (Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory, Gallup’s StrengthsFinder and Axiom Disc)

This portion of the report explains the results of each test as a separate instrument, without using the others as points of reference.

2.  Individual SCOT Analysis

This section of the report provides the (potential or existing) athlete with an integrated interpretation of the three instrument results.  It outlines individual strengths and opportunities, highlights areas in need of development, and identifies those things that may be causing interference in their performance environment.

3.  5 Steps to Winning

In this section of the report, a role-related interpretation of the three profiles is offered, incorporating five headings that are fundamental to a Winning environment:

  • Building a Winning Team - Performance within a Team Environment
  • Designing a Winning Profile - Effectiveness in their Current Role
  • Creating a Winning Mindset - Capacity for Learning
  • Developing a Winning Environment - Change Thinking
  • Engineering Winning from Setbacks - Thinking Correctly under Pressure

Note:  An organization has the customizable option to develop its own top 5 Steps to Winning

4.  Student/Warrior/Champion Classification

All successful teams are made up of a combination of people who individually contribute to the success of that group through their own unique talents. The structure of that team is as equally important as the quality of the individuals within it. The Focus Group’s research has concluded that within any team there are three significant talent sets defined as Student, Warrior, and Champion. Each hugely impacts the overall success of the team in its own way.  The report identifies which of these classifications the individual falls into.

Be sure to ask about Winning Comparison, which may be purchased to supplement your Winning Individual purchase

After completing Winning Individual, The Focus Group also offers Winning Comparison where an additional “re-profiling” is conducted after approximately four to six months. Results are then compared and the shift in performance is measured and analyzed. While the three areas of an athlete’s behavior cannot be changed, their order of predominance can be shifted to better match and serve his role, thus increasing overall performance and productivity.

Winning Profile offers financial incentives to those who purchase Winning Comparison with any of the other Winning Profile products.