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Over the past 30 years, the science of behavioral profiling has grown immensely. Behavioral profiling is the extrapolation of information about a person based on his known qualities, the identification of patterns in a person’s thinking or conduct, and the subsequent creation of a personal psychological outline. There are many profiling instruments on the market that serve this purpose, albeit in a limited fashion.

Most profiling instruments that have been developed are linear in nature, profiling a single dimension of human beings with precision. Some are truly remarkable instruments, but the reality is that humans are not linear, and these instruments are simply unable to accurately reflect the total human psychological condition.

The challenge is to find a way to profile all aspects of human behavior, to garner more detailed and accurate results. To do so, one needs to be able to effectively interpret and maximize the results; otherwise, the profile itself is useless. The Focus Group, through decades of research, has effectively overcome these challenges and is able to offer a solution. Winning Profile is a system that examines several facets of human behavior at once, triangulating the results to produce a stunningly precise analysis. It is simply the easiest, most accurate profiling system on the planet.

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