The Winning Profile process has already worked to improve the lives of many people, both personally and professionally. Here are just a few of Winning Profile’s many success stories.

"The Winning Profile was the best and most accurate profiling assessment we have ever taken. It was well received by everyone who was part of the process and was a huge hit. What an eye-opening experience for my entire team! It taught us so much about ourselves—some things we already knew, but much in more detail, which was very helpful. It’s contributed greatly to our growth as individuals and as a team. The most useful thing we learned from the Winning Profile was the information about others with whom we work. It personally helped me better understand my co-workers, and taught me how I can work with them more effectively. Also, the Winning Workshops that we participated in helped enormously in teaching us how to use our profile results to enhance our team dynamics. You were right, we do have talented team! And thanks to you and Winning Profile, we now know why we do and how to maximize everyone’s talent moving forward."

Russell Jervis, Managing Director, Spicerhaart

"The Winning Profile assessment process revealed a lot about myself both personally and professionally. More importantly, it changed the working dynamics of my entire executive team. Each team member received their Winning Profile results promptly and the results were astounding. The Winning Profile analyst did a great job producing a Winning Team report that pointed out our team’s strengths and differences and worked through the findings with the team, which we found immensely helpful. During the time you worked with us, our organization needed to quickly hire a new team member. We used your Winning Snapshot to help us choose the skills gaps in the team and highlight the characteristics we needed from the right c andidate. With your guidance and recommendations, we tailored our search and found the perfect person…thank you! It not only saved us time and money, but was also much more targeted and accurate than our traditional interviewing process. We look forward to working with you again soon to see how we’re progressing in our development."

Tracy Isacke, Head of Corporate Sales, Telefónica O2 UK

"As the owner and Managing Director of my own audio visual production company I know first hand the importance of building a highly capable staff. I am also the visual production manager for Sir Clive Woodward when he does any business seminars or talks.
I was first introduced to Gary Russell while working with a team of twelve on golfer Mel Reid’s Winning Profile process. I witnessed her profiling first hand as well as that of her coach and her entire support team.
As I produced videos for this project, I was fascinated by the accuracy of the results, and was inspired to hire Dr. Russell to conduct Winning Profiles on all the members of my own staff. As I anticipated, those results, too, were amazing. Most of us had worked together for many years, and I was a bit sceptical to see if there would be anything new we would learn about each other. As I’d hoped, the results were incredible. What we learned as a company was invaluable. Thank you, Gary, for helping us learn more about ourselves and become a more productive company."

John Woodcock, Managing Director, Presentations Service Providers Ltd