Why Use Winning Profile

Winning Profile helps match an employee to the right position based on his innate talent. It also ensures that an employee is in the position best suited for him, the position that allows him to perform to his fullest potential. In short, Winning Profile gets to the heart of an employee or team’s performance potential.

The Focus Group developed Winning Profile by taking three linear instruments that measure a person’s thoughts, feelings and actions and triangulated the results to create one comprehensive, three-dimensional picture of an individual.  This is the significant difference between what is available in today’s market versus what The Focus Group has to offer.

Additionally, Russell and Woodward understand that the key to creating truly effective talent profiling is all about learning how to properly interpret the results.  Winning Profile teaches how the profiled participant’s talents, thoughts, and feelings affect his perceptions, behaviors and his interactions with others.  It also indicates what steps to take to maximize his talent to increase his own individual performance or that of his team.

There are a myriad of reasons why any person or organization would choose The Winning Profile. Here are just a few:

  1. Winning Profile goes beyond the traditional interviewing process.  Hiring is typically a very external procedure, often consisting of a resumé and a few face-to-face meetings.  Winning Profile allows for a more internally-based hiring method that builds a three-dimensional, comprehensive picture of an applicant’s internal qualities, taking the guesswork out of hiring with much more quantitative evidence. 
  2. Winning Profile takes away the typical hit-or-miss outcomes of relationships with others. It does so by identifying and activating the strengths in each person, thus creating a synergy that allows him to reach his maximum performance potential. This is not achieved through external motivation, but, rather, by understanding and tapping into internal qualities—where the energy for change lies.
  3. Winning Profile can be administered more than once to the same individual or team over a period of time. This provides benchmarks against which growth or shifts in performance can be measured.