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Winning Workshops have been created for people and organizations that are interested in learning more about how to successfully implement Winning Profile results.  Knowing how to correctly utilize this new-found knowledge is a significant part of the overall process of winning.

Choosing the right people is at the heart of any winning organization. Whether in sports or business, everyone faces the same challenges:

  • How do I find the right person?
  • How do I know if he or she is the right person to fill the position or role?
  • Will this person fit in with the rest of team?
  • Will they enhance the winning environment we’re hoping to build or maintain ?

Winning Profile can save an organization thousands of dollars by picking the right talent and totally reinventing the interviewing process.  Winning Workshops can help you build the map needed to get your employee, team, or company all moving in the right direction with the talent you now have on board.

The Focus Group recommends any one or all of the following Winning Workshops to get you on your way once your talent is in place:

Creating a Winning Mindset

“You can’t change what you haven’t already acknowledged.”

Dr. Gary F. Russell

A paradigm is a strongly instilled view or perception. Almost uniformly, it has been the marked shift of a very strong mindset that has produced some of the world’s greatest inventions. Remarkable things can be achieved by simply looking at something another way.

Paradigm shifting—what Clive Woodward calls “change thinking”—can be an organization’s greatest challenge. As Dee Hock, former Citibank CEO said, “It’s not difficult getting new ideas in people’s heads but getting old ones out.” Most people work hard at getting others to change their behaviors, but we believe that the change needs to start from within the people themselves. They need to stop limiting their own potential with their unwillingness to adapt to change. The Focus Group has a process to do just that, which is echoed in their mission statement of, “Lifting people beyond their vision of capability.”

One of the greatest roles of today’s leaders is to inspire others to accept change, and guide them towards the idea sharing with other employees how they plan to deal with the change. Hearing the ideas of others encourages employees to not become caught up in paradigm paralysis, and they take comfort in feeling as though they are not dealing with change on their own. It helps create an environment where questioning the norm becomes the norm, and slowly builds a trusting environment. Of course, this is not a quick fix. It takes time, and it starts at the core of individuals and positively influences their perceptions. It’s about building new pictures in people’s heads that they can believe in and embrace.

Developing a Winning Organization

“Without vision, a dreamer never wakes.”

Dr. Gary F. Russell

Building a winning team within an organization doesn’t happen by accident. It requires picking the right people, the right talent, and creating a vision of what direction everyone is facing—all within the right environment. Central to winning in the organization is having a leader who can align people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and guide them towards a shared vision based around a core ideology and purpose.

In order to create a winning team, an organization must maximize the talent within the company and also bring in additional players who contribute their own individual talents for the betterment of the entire team. This creates a balanced team in which everyone has the opportunity to win as individuals and as part of the group.

Building a Winning Environment

“Finding your voice, seeking validation and a sense of belonging is crucial to all humans.”

Dr. Gary F. Russell

A winning environment in the workplace is one that embodies trust, respect, interaction and involvement. The Focus Group has developed tools and methodologies that facilitate this essential aspect to Winning. It all begins with a mindset shift within each of us where we make a conscious choice each day to focus on our Receiver, identify what’s most important in our lives, and recognize and celebrate individual and group successes. It is vital to continuously introduce new methodologies that recognize and reward success at every level.

Clive Woodward understood the importance of this philosophy when he busted paradigms by creating “real” relationships within his team—ones that lacked an oppressive hierarchy. Effective leaders know that their teams’ successes are not about serving the leader, but, rather, about the leader serving the team. A leader is not one who pushes his or her team towards achievements. Effective leaders pull their team by creating an environment that encourages involvement, asking questions, setting and keeping high standards and celebrating success. This environment allows others the freedom to risk pushing themselves to their highest limits of achievement without fear of failure.

Once created, winning environments must be measured and managed. The Focus Group can show you the steps and methods to measure and increase the levels of engagement within your organization and ultimately maintain them.

And, as with most every facet of life, we must never forget that having fun is integral in developing a winning environment. Remember, having fun is simply enjoying what you do.